Vacation Rental Smart Technology

Safety, security and innovation are the landmarks of our business here at GoodNight Stay and our technology was designed to strengthen relations and results for all parties involved with our process. Innovation, personalized automation and protection are the keys to leveraging technology for a flawless rental solution.



Smart home

With our range of smart devices, GoodNight Stays provides comprehensive management of your assets from a remote location. By using our integrated system, we can monitor activity, prevent damage, control access, and manage energy usage with ease.

Keyless Lock

You can get rid of keys and manage access to your home remotely with our system, which is ideal for self-guided tours, contactless move-ins/outs, and granting access to residents. Through the system, residents have the ability to generate one-time or durational codes for guests and service providers.

Full Access Control

Our tri-band hub seamlessly connects all of your smart home devices and comes pre-paired with them, all while operating off of cellular technology without the need for Wi-Fi.


Access Control - Smart Hub + Smart Lock


The smart hub is the central control system and is required hardware.
Access Control - Smart Hub


The smart hub only choice is perfect for clients who currently own a compatible Z-Wave smart lock.
Access Control - Smart Lock


The base access control includes one smart hub and one digital lock. You can add additional smart locks as an option.


Cloud Cameras


Camera footage is stored on the cloud. 10 days of 24/7 history and 60 days of event video history. Two cameras are recommended. Front entry and backyard.
Noise Monitoring


24/7 active monitoring with guest notification. Property management integration for noise mitigation.


Smart Thermostat


Automatically sets the thermostat based on vacancy or occupancy.

Leak Detector


Sensors will notify property management company staff in the event of a water trigger.


Door Sensors


Works in combination with smart thermostat. If doors are left open for an extended period of time, HVAC system will be shut down to conserve energy.
Garage Door Link


Integrates with property management access system to securely change garage code for each reservation.


Yes. The smart hub is integrated into GoodNight Stay’s state-of-the-art reservations system and changes the quest access to a unique code every single time.

Yes. The smart access platform logs every code with a timestamp when it is used.

No. All of GoodNight Stay’s properties are one platform and cannot be shared with our owners. Giving you access would mean giving you access to all of GoodNight Stay’s properties. And we simply cannot do that.

Yes. During ordering process, you will be asked for an owner’s code that will be programmed into the system for your personal access. Please do not give this out as this is your personal owner’s code and logged into the system as such.

If you need temporary access code generated, please reach out to GoodNight Stay’s customer service for accommodations.

I have made my payment

Once payment is made, BB Worx will order the hardware and schedule an install with GoodNight Stay. Once installation is complete, you will receive a confirmation email through BnB Worx.

The smart thermostat is connected to GoodNight Stay’s reservation system through the smart hub. By using the reservations data, the system will be set to away or home The thermostat is given a range of 72 to 82 degrees during guest occupancy and set to appropriate energy savings settings during vacancies. This translates into significant energy savings.

Please refer back to your Property Manager for more information.

Please refer back to your Property Manager for more information.

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